MX Three-phase AC Permanent Magnet Servo Motor & AX Servo Drives (0.28kW~10.06kW)

Motor Characteristics

◆ High protection level(IP66)
◆ Excellent radial beating quality and subtle torque fluctuations
◆ High dynamic response
◆ High overload carrying capacity
◆ High efficiency(IE5)
◆ 23-bit multi-circle absolute encoder
◆ High-end permanent magnet brake,quick plug

Motor Technical Parameters

AX Servo Drives

       AX precision series servo drives are modular servo drives designed for high-performance servo applications with a unified control module, and composed of a power module adapted to different power servo motors and some optional accessories, the flexible modularization provides users with richer options for system design and application.
  •        AX servo driver can be adapted to Boneng MX series servo motor to complete accurate servo control, and can also be adapted to Boneng asynchronous motor to complete asynchronous servo control, and meeting the positioning needs of customers for a variety of applications.
  1.        AX series servo driver consists of three parts:

Servo Drive Features

◆ Modular design, flexible product combination
◆ PROFINET and EtherCAT communication supported, just choose different control modules
◆ Wide power range, covering from 0.75kW-132kW
◆ High-precision 23-bit absolute value encoder used for high control precision
◆ 380VAC voltage level design, eliminating additional configurations such as transformers
◆ Fast screw-free control terminals, convenient for wiring, debugging and maintenance
◆ Abundant IO interfaces and optional Bi-direction control terminals

Servo Drive Technical data

Main application industries

Machine tool ● Robots ● Printing machines ● Packaging machines ●
Textile machinery ● Automation equipment